High Status Humor Review By Social Fluency

High Status Humor Review By Social Fluency

Social Fluency’s Gold Mine for Men

High Status HumorIt is understandable why you have reached this point; where you search for some information online that can help you in making interaction with women become better. You have reached this page because you don’t know what you’re doing wrong, especially when you attempt to apply humor to get women to want you.

You may already know by now that women are attracted to funny guys, regardless of what they look like and what their status in life is. However, being funny is not enough. You need to know the right kind of humor that turns women on. There are many factors that make a woman want to talk to a guy and eventually date him. Humor is a significant factor.

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You’re here because you probably want to know about a particular strategy that can help you say the right things; the right type of humor. What you need is a product that can offer you valuable technique on using humor that is not only funny, but good enough to turn women on. This product might just be what you’re looking for.

What is the High Status Humor Program?

High Status HumorThis program is a series of training videos, that you can watch in a secure members only site. These training videos will let you learn many things about injecting humor the right way in your conversations with the woman that you want to be with. You would be able to learn about which jokes to use when you’re with a girl, even with someone you hardly know. These jokes are the kind that will make her feel at home with you, like you’ve already known her for a long time.

You can also learn about an easy first date technique, that will project you as a guy who is in-demand, thereby making her want to impress you.You would also learn how to be more confident by knowing how to answer questions that are so common, yet you probably clam up in answering, because you tend to get nervous when you’re in the presence of a woman you really like. If you know how to deal with a woman during casual conversations, you would give her the impression that you are a secured and confident man.

Sexual humor can be very tricky. This system can help you use sexual humor to set a flirty tone without sounding offensive and can help you balance the humor that you inject into a conversation. This program also comes in an audio format, and is good for those who lead busy and active lives.

What kind of product is it?

This is not the kind of product that is good for everyone. In fact, the creator of this system believes that this knowledge won’t be a privilege if they make it available for everyone. They have significantly stressed the point that those who purchase and use this system, should understand perfectly what responsibilities come with the power of being able to get any woman you want, through the rejection-proof system that they make available to those who really need it.

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The main author of this system would like to point out that this product is not for those who have the intention of misusing what they know to hurt women. This is also not for those who are already happy with their love life. This system is not for those who are expecting instant results and are not open to learning and taking a chance.

Who Made It and How Did it Come to Be?

Zach Browman and Devon Ash created this system that helps men apply effortless and spontaneous humor in their daily life especially in their dealings with women. The creation of this system was accidental and came from the need to know and learn how humor gets a woman’s attention and make women feel powerful emotions. His efforts at being funny seemed to be not working, so he observed and learned the ways of natural comedians or people who are naturally funny. He studied how they delivered their humor and found out for himself which kind of humor turns women on, and those that turn women off.

Here is what Devon Ash has to say about Social Fluency:

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What People Say About The Program and Why They are Interested in It

High Status Humor ReviewMost of the men who have tried learning this program were amazed at how comedy can be such a game changer when it comes to attracting women. Those who have seen and listened to the video trainings reaffirmed what Marilyn Monroe said that, “If you could make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.” Moreover, the reason why men feel more comfortable with this kind of program is that it does not teach you about how to look good, what physical workout you need to undergo to attract women, or other seduction techniques made available by other people to convince men that this is the best way to get girls. It just focuses on looking into your inner creativity to become more witty, funny, and sexier by simply just talking to the oppposite sex with conversations that have the right kind of humor.

Other Things You Should Know About the High Status Humor Program

You would need to shell out a cost-effective investment for getting the right knowledge on how to be funny in a way that turns women on. The program can go on for 12 weeks more or less, depending on the right kind of dedication that you put into what you’ve paid for and what you want to get from it. Those who have tried the program feel that it’s lucky a program such as this exists. You no longer have to look and sound like a boring kind of clown while trying to be funny around women. The program will make you funny and sound cool and sexy at the same time.

It all boils down to knowing the kind of humor that turns women on. However, you should not expect that you can become a babe magnet overnight. You have to be open-minded. You have to be willing to learn, and you should practice until you get the technique right.

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